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Tools which are not powered by a motor, just “muskuls” (as PopEye would have said).



One can never be too rich, or have too many tools. . . however the second will put an end to the first.


When I was a child, I used to sit for hours reading the Sears and Roebuck catalog (this was when they PRINTED and MAILED a real catalog to your house!).  I would plan for the purchase of innumerable tools, pets, toys. . . I guess I haven’t really changed.  I bet I would make one SUPER purchasing agent.


Sounds a bit obscene, no?


Here is a home for all things clayey.  As these categories get going, I am sure people will have ideas for new categories, and welcome they are.  Just let me know that you think there should be a new category, or sub-category, or sub-sub-category. . . you get the idea.

Don’t even get…

Don’t even get me started on books. . . Amazon has gotten rich off of just me alone.  Share (yes, let us have some of yours. . . don’t you hate that word when it is used this way?) with us your picks and pans.  Be sure to leave a link!

Puppet Construction Thread

Here it is!  The Puppet Construction Thread!  Is there anything more exciting?  YES! Animating your puppet after you make it. . . .


To go to the thread, click on the Category at the top of the page, then on the thread title.

Acting for Animators
Acting for Animators


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Relational DBMS for StopMo Resources

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StopMo Resources Database Management System (DBMS)

I have been working on a dbms for helping stomo animators gain access to the resources they need to make their movies.  I will make the final system available for free, BUT will also give away the data with links to suppliers, threads on stopmo animation sites and other tools to those who help me with the project by either giving a serious suggestion for how I can make the system more useful, efficient or effective, or who give me good data for the database, such as supplier links, reviews of products, techniques, etc.  Only the people who contribute to the database information files will receive this extremely valuable information.

I am currently trying to estimate how much time and money it will take to keep the information updated.  I think the best thing to do is to solicit some help for this from people who feel the project is a valuable asset.  We cannot just throw open the database to the public because unfortunately there are some people who would destroy it for their amusement and to try to overcome their personal inadequacies.   I will keep everyone posted when there are any additions or changes to the database so you can always be sure the links work and the information is the best possible.

I am just starting to load real data into the files for testing.  If you are interested in helping me test the system, and will give me some feedback to help me improve the structure and data, I would be very appreciative, and will put you on the top of the list for the finished product.

You can write me at with data, or suggestions or to volunteer to help.  Please put STOPMO DBMS in CAPS so I can be sure to see your email above the incredible inbox-clogging amount of spam I receive daily.

Thank you in advance,


Acting for Animatiors

On the site,, I saw the following post:

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#14523, “RE: Acting for animators”
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“that’ll teach me to question the Stridemeister!”

Aw shucks!!

Questioning is always good – actually I’m in the same boat you are – I’m still not sure it’s always right. I haven’t examined any films yet scene by scene to see if it’s really applicable, though I suspect if you break things down far enough, like I said, it’ll probably turn out to be true. Especially when you consider that some actions are also reactions to things that might have happened earlier in the film or offscreen.

But it’s great to see somebody talking about acting techniques! That’s something that doesn’t get much attention around here and probably deserves more.

I think it all blurs to an extent, especially when you’re the writer, director, animator etc (did I already say that.. ? )

So it’s important, if you want to animate more than simple little gags, to read up on techniques for acting, directing, and screenwriting. Generally it seems these subjects are ignored on this website – I guess the philosophy is that people can study that stuff on their own initiative if they’re interested in it. Or that short animated films generally don’t require much knowledge of these things. To me though, studying movies and discovering hidden gems most people have never heard of is a huge part of the quest – in fact a film called Possession is about to come on on TCM in a few minutes that I want to see.. followed by Polanski’s Repulsion… time to start the popcorn!

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What do you think? Is acting important for animators? If so, why, and how does one go about becoming proficient in this area? If not, why not?